How to Wash Yoga Clothes and What to Pay Attention to when Cleaning?

Yoga is a fitness sport that has been loved by many people now. Yoga clothes are also very comfortable to wear. However, many people do not pay special attention to cleaning and maintenance. As a result, after washing a few times, the yoga clothes are broken, so the yoga clothes Can it be washed in a washing machine?


How to Wash Yoga Clothes

Different yoga clothes use different cleaning methods because of different fabrics. There are many types of yoga clothes. From the classification of fabrics, we can roughly divide yoga clothes into the following categories. Below, we will learn how to clean these yoga clothes with you.

1. Fabric Description - 100% Cotton

Features: good hygroscopicity, hygienic and comfortable to wear, breathable, sweat-absorbing, good dyeing performance, soft luster.

Washing instructions: Hand wash and machine wash are acceptable; dry in the shade; not easy to chlorine; not easy to wash; not easy to soak for a long time; not easy to wring dry.


2. Fabric description - 92% polyester + 8% spandex

Features: The fabric has good elasticity, good drape, delicate and soft hand feel, good wear resistance, anti-wrinkle and shrinkage resistance, and good resilience.

Washing Instructions: Do not use fabric softener; wash inside out; wash dark and light items separately; use only mild detergents.


Precautions for Cleaning Yoga Clothes

1. Do not wear the newly bought yoga clothes immediately. You should rinse them with clean water and dry them before wearing them. Because there may be chemical residues on the surface of the clothes, it is necessary to do a good job of cleaning in order to avoid chemical substances from getting on the skin.

2. The yoga clothes are 100% pure cotton. They can be washed directly in the washing machine when cleaning. However, it should be noted that do not add chlorinated water and do not soak in water for too long. Dry.

3. If the yoga clothes are made of polyester fabric, when cleaning, do not use fabric softener, it is better to use a mild detergent, and also pay attention to washing separately from dark clothes, if necessary, wash inside out.

4. The clothes are made of a mixture of cotton and spandex. When cleaning, wash in cold water, do not bleach, do not dry, it is best to wash them inside out and wash them separately from dark clothes.


Yoga Clothes Cleaning Rules

1 First of all we should make sure that the yoga clothes pocket is empty. When washing yoga clothes, put them in 40 degrees of water and wash them by hand. Remember to wash them separately, not to mix with other clothes, be sure to rub lightly with your hands, do not rub vigorously, and do not use a brush.

2. Do not use ordinary soap. Generally, soap is alkaline and will cause damage to clothes. It should be washed with a neutral detergent. After washing, be sure to rinse it off, squeeze the water lightly, and then evenly dry it. Never use a heavy iron to prevent wrinkles. Dark clothes must be washed separately from other clothes to avoid dyeing disasters.

3. There are some restrictions on the cleaning of yoga clothes. We must pay attention to the trademarks on some clothes in the process of yoga practice, and do not ignore the importance of laundry labels.

4. In short, when washing yoga clothes, do not bleach, do not dry, do not expose to the sun, do not machine wash, and do not soak for a long time. Wash at room temperature of 40 degrees with color separation, gentle by hand, and air dry.


Yoga Clothing Buying Skills

1. Texture: Bamboo fibril is a brand-new natural fiber. It is a natural bamboo fiber prepared by a combination of physics and chemistry. There are essential differences between natural bamboo fibrils and bamboo pulp fibers. Bamboo fibrils belong to natural fibers and bamboo pulp. Fibers are chemical fibers. The successful development of bamboo fiber marks the birth of another natural fiber, which is in line with the national industrial development policy. Natural bamboo fiber has good properties such as moisture absorption, ventilation, antibacterial, antibacterial, deodorization, and UV protection.

2, style: simple, generous, neat. Don't have too many accessories (especially metal), straps, or knots on your clothing to prevent chrome from getting on your body and causing unnecessary injury. The limbs should be stretched freely and the whole body should not feel restrained.

3. Style: The cuffs of the jacket should not be tightly tied, and it is appropriate to open them naturally; the trousers should be elasticated or tied with ropes because there are some movements of lying on the back and turning back in yoga, and the tight opening can prevent the trousers from sliding down. Winter clothing is mainly trousers and long clothes. In summer, shorts are mainly used with trousers.


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