How to Choose Thermal Underwear in Winter


With the cold winter coming, how can you choose thermal underwear that looks good and is comfortable and warm to wear?


1. Do you want thick thermal underwear or thin thermal underwear?

Generally, there are thicker and velvet ones, which are better to wear when the temperature is below zero in winter. You can choose thermal underwear that is thicker at the knees and thicker at the abdomen. If you wear it in spring and autumn, choose a thinner one.


2. Should you choose cotton or thermal underwear with slimming and body shaping?

Especially for children, because the underwear is worn close to the body, it is best to choose 100% cotton, but cotton is completely inflexible and may be loose when worn. The tight and elastic ones are more close-fitting, which is also its advantage. Depending on your usual habits and hobbies, you can choose which one you like.


3. How to choose the size?

When choosing thermal underwear, if the size of the top of the thermal underwear suit is too short, it is not good to go to the navel. The stomach where we most need to keep warm is not covered, it is easy to catch a cold, and it is not conducive to the effect of cold protection and warmth.


4. Is the thicker the warmer the better?

This is wrong. Thermal clothes are similar to down jackets. It is not the thicker the better, but depends on the material of the thermal clothes. The principles of thermal clothes are divided into three types: one is to use new materials to isolate the air; the other is to add film to keep warm; The third is to use new technologies such as "far infrared".


For a piece of underwear, from the selection of raw materials, spinning, weaving, dyeing, sewing to inspection and delivery, all links and processes must be strictly checked, so that the product's thermal insulation rate, air permeability, antibacterial, elasticity and other indicators can be Standards compliant.


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